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Restarant Marketing Services




Fresh Marketing specialises in providing website design solutions for restaurant owners just like you. 

Social Media

From the sizzle of your signature dish, the clink of a customer's glass and the warmth of your hospitality, we showcase the heart and soul of your establishment.


Branding for restaurants extends far beyond mere visual elements; it encompasses the entire essence of the venue, from its story and values to its ambiance, menu offerings, and service experience.


Our comprehensive local SEO service is designed to optimize your restaurant's online presence, ensuring maximum visibility in local search results and attracting more customers to your restaurant. 


In today's fast-paced world, capturing customer attention is essential. Research shows that the human brain tends to prefer visuals over text, making photos and videos indispensable tools for engaging  your customers effectively.


With Fresh Marketing, it's not just about building a stunning website – it's about maximising its impact. That's why every website project comes with a complimentary 3-month ad campaign, with the flexibility to upgrade at any time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is crucial for restaurants, allowing direct communication with customers to drive engagement and loyalty by sending personalised messages about menu updates, special offers, and events.

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