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Helping Your Restaurant Thrive Against the Chains.

With our years of experience we've designed Fresh Marketing, and our vision is to EMPOWER independent UK restaurants to THRIVE against chains with our dynamic marketing solutions.

You're a passionate restaurant owner, dedicated to creating exceptional dishes and memorable experiences for your customers.


But balancing this with effective marketing can be a challenge, especially when competing with large chains.


Managing daily operations while keeping up with marketing tasks can be overwhelming.


An outdated website, inconsistent social media presence, and poor local SEO can all hinder your success. Without strong email campaigns, professional photography, and effective ad strategies, attracting and retaining customers becomes difficult.


Handling online reservations, gift cards, and responding to reviews adds to the complexity.


Promoting events, creating engaging content, and maintaining brand consistency are ongoing struggles.

Imagine effortlessly managing social media, having a high-performing website, and using effective email marketing to communicate with your customers.

Picture your restaurant showcased with professional photography and attracting more local customers through powerful SEO. With the right support, you can transform your online presence and take your restaurant from overwhelmed to thriving. I'm here to help you achieve all this and more.

Do any of these sound familiar?

- Struggling to produce high-quality social media content?

- Frustrated with a website that fails to attract or retain customers?

- Finding it tough to maintain consistent and effective email marketing?

- Needing professional photography that truly captures your restaurant’s vibe?

- Lacking a strong local SEO strategy to bring in more customers?


I'm Sophia. With 20 years of marketing and business development experience, and a focus on restaurants for the last 5 years, I believe every independent restaurant deserves a successful business without the stress of managing their marketing alone.


With extensive experience in digital marketing, I’ve helped many restaurant owners boost their online presence, draw in more customers, and increase their revenue. Now, I want to help you move from marketing chaos to marketing confidence.

Picture this:

- An effortlessly managed engaging social media presence

- Owning a stunning, high-performance website that drives traffic and bookings

- Easily communicating with your customers through effective email marketing

- Showcasing your restaurant with beautiful professional photography

- Attracting more local customers with a powerful SEO strategy

- Creating a cohesive and memorable brand that reflects your restaurant’s unique story and values.

Branding for restaurants extends far beyond mere visual elements; it encompasses the entire essence of the venue, from its story and values to its ambiance, menu offerings, and service experience.


Successful restaurant branding resonates with customers on an emotional level, encouraging loyalty and differentiation in a competitive market.

Fresh Marketing specialises in restaurant marketing and branding, recognising the important role branding plays in our projects, especially within website development. We understand that behind every restaurant lies a unique story and a dream that ignited its creation. At Fresh Marketing, we become your partner in bringing that dream to fruition, ensuring your restaurant's distinct personality radiates across every digital platform.

Through our streamlined Digital Branding & Website Development Project, we swiftly deliver meticulously designed websites that serve as vibrant hubs capturing attention and transforming visitors into loyal customers.

Trust us to “get” your story and turn your dreams into reality.

I'm here to help you achieve all this and more. Together, we'll elevate your restaurant's online presence, transforming you from overwhelmed to thriving.

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Restaurant Photography
Restaurant Photography
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About Us

At Fresh Marketing, we get that every restaurant has a unique story and a dream behind it. Our mission is more than just being a marketing agency; we’re your partner in bringing that dream to life and making sure your restaurant’s personality shines on every digital platform.

From professional photos that highlight your food and venue to compelling storytelling that connects with your audience, we help you tell your story and create a narrative that reflects the heart and soul of your venue.

We’ve developed a system for our Digital Branding & Website Development Projects that ensures they are delivered swiftly and meticulously. Our designs turn your website into a hub that not only grabs attention but also converts visitors into loyal customers.

With our expertise in website design, SEO, social media marketing, and branding strategies, we make sure your restaurant stands out and leaves a lasting impression on every customer who visits your site or social media.

At Fresh Marketing, we capture and sell the experience of your restaurant, the memories, and the essence of your unique journey. Trust us to amplify your story and turn your dreams into reality.

What we offer

- Websites: Experience top-notch website design with reservation integration, gift card options, and professional photography. Our websites transform visitors into loyal customers.

- Social Media: We create a social media feed that enhances the visibility and reputation of your restaurant. Our content reflects the heart and soul of your establishment.

- Branding: We develop comprehensive branding strategies that reflect your restaurant’s story, values, and unique ambiance, ensuring a visually cohesive and memorable brand.

- SEO: Our local SEO services optimise your restaurant's online presence, making sure you stand out in local search results and attract more customers.

- Photography: Professional photography services to capture the essence of your restaurant, ensuring your dishes and venue look their best online.

- Ads: Every website project includes a complimentary 3-month ad campaign, with options to upgrade anytime to ensure your new site makes a significant impact.

- Email Marketing: Personalised email marketing campaigns to keep your customers engaged and loyal, informing them about menu updates, special offers, and events.

How We Work

Proposal Submission: We provide a detailed proposal with pricing, examples of our work, and an explanation of our working process.

Agreement: Once you agree to work with us, we’ll provide a contract outlining the terms. Upon signing, we move forward with a consultation to delve deeper into how we will implement your strategy.

Intensive Project Work: All work is done intensively on a project basis over 20 days. We develop a comprehensive marketing plan covering every aspect of your online presence.

Implementation: We handle your website or social media project letting you focus on running your restaurant.

What You Can Expect

Professionalism: Expect top-notch service delivered with the highest standards of professionalism.

Down-to-Earth Approach: We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to work with, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Relationship Development: We take the time to develop a genuine relationship with you, learning about your unique story and vision.

Storytelling: We capture and convey your restaurant's story, making it resonate with your audience.

Stunning Visuals: Your restaurant will look amazing online, attracting more customers with beautiful, professional photography and design.

Reduced Stress: Feel less stressed knowing that all your marketing needs are being expertly handled.
Increased Traffic: More visitors to your website, translating to higher engagement and bookings.
Higher Engagement: Boosted social media presence and interaction with your audience.

More Bookings and Repeat Customers: An effective marketing strategy that drives customer loyalty and repeat business.

Strong Local Presence: Enhanced local SEO to attract new diners and stand out in local search results.

Are you ready to improve your restaurant's digital presence and compete with the big chains?

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